Kona Kids - Great bikes for the up and coming ripper

When you’re a kid, there’s simply nothing better than riding a bike. Whether exploring the freedom of the neighborhood, the local trails, or hanging with mom and dad on a family ride, a bike opens up the world. Kona’s kids’ bikes are built to last and spec’d to ride well across all types of terrain, from the sidewalk to the bike park.

Process 24

$1999 USD

MOUNTAIN XC Trail Enduro Gravity Kids' 24" Dual Suspension < 120mm

Honzo 24

$775 USD

MOUNTAIN Trail Kids' 24" Front Suspension

Honzo 20

$675 USD

MOUNTAIN Trail Kids' 20" Front Suspension


$399 USD

MOUNTAIN XC Kids' 24" No Suspension


$389 USD

MOUNTAIN XC Kids' 20" No Suspension