Go Further With Pedal Assist Kona Electric Bikes

Call it adventure assist, distance assist, or access assist. Call it whatever you want, but our Bosch-powered pedal assist E-Bikes will help get you there. Whether you’re going on a marathon backcountry mission with the Remote or Remote CTRL, shuffling kids to school and groceries from the store with an Electric Ute, or grinding out your daily commute with a Dew-E or Splice-E, we’ve got your back. With a multitude of accessories and configurations, you’ll be well prepared for whatever the road, trail, or commute throws your way.

Remote CTRL

$4999 USD

ELECTRIC XC Trail E-Bike 27.5"+ Dual Suspension 140-160mm


$4299 USD

ELECTRIC XC Trail Utility E-Bike 27.5"+ Front Suspension


$3299 USD

ELECTRIC Crosstrail E-Bike 700c Front Suspension


$3299 USD

ELECTRIC Commuter E-Bike 650b No Suspension

Electric Ute

$3999 USD

ELECTRIC Commuter Utility E-Bike 650b No Suspension