Progressive Cross Country Race and Trail Bikes

The original cross country race machine, the Hei Hei was built to go fast – both up and down mountains. The Hei Hei design was focused on racing but we've always been of the mind that racing should be fun; 100mm of Fuse Independent Suspension rear travel paired with 120mm of squish up front create a balanced, fun and efficient ride. Fast rolling and bump-swallowing 29" wheels ensure fun is also at the top of the priority list. The Hei Hei is available in both carbon and aluminum frames and geared to move with NX or GX Eagle drivetrains. With guys like team riders Cory Wallace winning the 24 Hour Solo World Championship, and Spencer Paxson dominating over 32,000 feet of climbing and descending in a single day aboard the Hei Hei, it’s clear that its up for any challenge.

Hei Hei CR/DL

$4699 USD NOW $3995 USD

MOUNTAIN XC Trail 29" Dual Suspension < 120mm

Hei Hei

$2599 USD

MOUNTAIN XC Trail 29" Dual Suspension < 120mm