Growing Up Kona!

Close your eyes and take a step back into your childhood. You and your friends used to race around the neighborhood with skinned knees and rattly little bikes. The world was YOURS and the bike was your vehicle to freedom. Our kids’ bikes are made for your growing groms to ensure that as they start to gain more control over their riding, they have a bike that can take them to their favorite trails, whether that’s the homemade backyard pumptrack, the neighborhood singletrack, or their first foray into the bike park. They’re durable, spec’d with kid-friendly components and ready to rip!

2021 Process 24

Process 24

$2099 USD

MOUNTAIN XC All Mountain Enduro Gravity Kids' 24" Dual Suspension < 120mm

2021 Honzo 24

Honzo 24

$749 USD

MOUNTAIN XC Kids' 24" Hardtail

2021 Honzo 20

Honzo 20

$649 USD

MOUNTAIN XC Kids' 20" Hardtail

2021 Hula


$475 USD

MOUNTAIN XC Kids' 24" No Suspension

2021 Makena


$429 USD

MOUNTAIN XC Kids' 20" No Suspension